SweetDropz Vending Machines

 Update as at 10 Jan 2024:

1. We have a new location at East Point! Check it out at Level 1 in front of MOS Burger!

2. All our vending machine touch-points are treated with Sdst, an antimicrobial self-disinfecting coating that is reapplied every 90 days. 


SweetDropz by Sweetest Moments is the newest gifting concept in town!

SweetDropz Vending Machine by Sweetest Moments

Every SweetDropz vending machine is a chiller that keeps all the confectionery products at around 4 degrees celsius. There is a smart system behind this machine that alerts us when the temperature increases above 4 degrees celsius, so we can be assured that the items are kept fresh and cool. 

Each vending machine carries the following items:

1. Cake slabs in assorted flavours. 

Chocolate Ganache Cake Slab in Transparent Box in Vending Machines
2. Melting Butter Cookies (yes, cookies that literally melts in your mouth)
3. Velvety Brownie Cookies (for those who like dark chocolate cookies with crunch)
velvety chocolate cookies

The vending machines can be found at:

  • Plaza Singapura Level 6 (at Carpark Lobby)
  • East Point Level 1 (in front of MOS Burger)
  • Waterway Point Level 1 at Lift Lobby C (beside Uniqlo) 
  • AMK Hub Level 4 (outside Cathay Cineplex) 

The vending machine will dispense the product via an elevator within, so there's no worry about the giftbox toppling the pastries over, but do remember to hold it upright always! 

You can check ‘em out and gift yourself a treat!

Just Tap with Apply Pay, Visa / Master, take and celebrate!

Now, who says you cannot have your cake and eat it?