E-Voucher Redemption


Did you just receive an email or whatsapp from your lovely friend/relative to share the joy in their celebration? So sweet of them, isn't it? 

It should look something like this, yah? 

Sweetest Moments Baby Full Month E-Voucher

Yes, there's a QR code in that image which allows you to redeem a gift box of pastries for yourself at your utmost convenience! 

Did you know that this is Singapore's first QR code redemption vending machine located at convenient locations to suit your preferential pick-up timing? 

We are here to guide you on how/what/where to redeem this gift. 


Update: All our vending machine touch-points are treated with Sdst, an antimicrobial self-disinfecting coating that is reapplied every 90 days.

Where to redeem this gift?

Look for SweetDropz vending machines all decked out in pink! 

Here's the locations of our chiller vending machines islandwide:

  • Plaza Singapura Level 6 (at Carpark Lobby) 
  • East Point Level 1 (in front of MOS Burger)
  • Waterway Point Level 1 at Lift Lobby C (beside Uniqlo)
  • AMK Hub Level 4 (outside Cathay Cineplex) 
  • ... check out this page regularly for more updates!  


How to redeem this gift?

At the vending machine, simply 3 steps!

1. Swipe your QR code (one-time use only)

2. Select your desired gift

3. Collect your gift

The vending machine will dispense the product via an elevator within, so there's no worry about the giftbox toppling the pastries over, but do remember to hold it upright always! 


What can you redeem?

Currently, there's no restriction on what you can redeem, so basically, it's ANY selection available in our vending machines. 

Our vending machines keep the products in chilled condition at 4 degrees, so you will always taste the best quality with every bite. 

Every item is labelled with a "consume by" date. 

We will be increasing the selection choices for you and it will be updated here along the way! 

For a start, here's what is currently available in the vending machines:

1. Cake slabs in assorted flavours. 

Chocolate Ganache Cake Slab in Transparent Box in Vending Machines
2. Melting Butter Cookies
melting butter cookies
3.  Velvety Brownie Cookies
velvety brownie cookies

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!