Full Month Packages

Announce your baby's arrival with lavish full month packages with complimentary paper bags & personalised babycards! 


Sweetest Moments Full Month Packages

As a winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Sweetest Moments is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality products for all your celebration needs. 

To meet every of your celebration needs, we have curated a myriad of products & services; with various pastry offerings, to different box designs, several card designs; whether you prefer to gift online, deliver yourself or let us deliver for you. There's something for every need. 

Here's a little flowchat that may help you decide, starting with 1 simple question:

Would you like to deliver the gifts yourself, let us deliver for you or let the recipients redeem themselves? 

How do I choose the right full month package?


If you have chosen to deliver the full month packages to your recipients yourself, you can choose from the following full month packages which comes with personalised babycards:

1. "For U" packages (4 items per box, from $4.90 onwards)

2. "Petit" packages (6 items per box, from $6.90 onwards)

3. "Classic" packages (10-12 items per box, from $9.90 onwards)

4. "Premium" packages (18 items per box, from $15.90 onwards)


If you wish to arrange for each full month package to be delivered to each recipient's doorstep, please click here to choose the "full month packages with doorstep deliveries". You may choose from this collection if you would prefer a E-Card or a printed card for your recipient. 


If vouchers are the best option, you can either choose:

1. E-Vouchers, where your recipients pick up their choice of cake / cookies from vending machines (from $6.90 onwards) or

2. Vouchers with Doorstep Delivery, where your recipient redeems online and we deliver the full month package to them directly (from $13.90 onwards)

Sometimes you may need 1 or 2 or all options to cater differently to relatives, close friends, colleagues or business associates. We are able to cater to such needs. Just be aware that as each babycard / E-Card / Voucher is personalised, some products do come with a minimum quantity requirement. 

It will be helpful to take a look at our FAQs, which will address some commonly asked questions and help you in your consideration on what to choose and what to do. 

We are available just a WhatsApp away should you require further clarifications. Lastly, congratulations on your newborn and we look forward to announcing his/her arrival with a most joyous celebration.