Personalised BabyCards

With every Full Month Package order of 10 boxes or more (excluding tea party sets, E-cards, VFM, and VQR), you’ll receive a FREE personalized BabyCard!

This charming card serves as your baby's very own name card, featuring their adorable photo and essential details such as name, date of birth, birth weight, and height. You can even include a heartfelt message at no extra cost to thank your loved ones for their well-wishes.

Imagine the delight on your relatives', colleagues', and friends' faces when they see your precious baby's photo!

Need help choosing the perfect design and photo for your BabyCard? Visit our blog here for inspiration and tips.

When adding the BabyCard to your cart, ensure the quantity matches the number of packages ordered. If you’d like extra cards for keepsakes, simply select "Additional BabyCards" and specify the desired quantity.

Share the joy of your new arrival with a personalized touch that everyone will cherish!