4 Tips on Designing your Announcement Card

Posted by Rachel Chong on

With so many card designs to choose from, how do you choose a suitable card design? With so many photos, which one is good for use? We are here to help you figure out. 

Here are the frequently asked questions:

1. Which design is suitable for my photo?

Choose the design based on whether your photo is a landscape or portrait format.

Samples of Portrait PhotosSamples of Portrait Photos

Samples of Landscape PhotosSamples of Landscape Photos

Samples of Photos Not Recommended for Use (Too focused)Samples of Photos Not Recommended for Use (Too focused)
Samples of Photos Not Recommended for Use (Turning a landscape photo into a portrait format or vice versa)
Samples of Photos Not Recommended for Use
2. What are the photo requirements? 
We recommend an image with at least 800 x 600 pixels at 300 dpi to print out looking crisp and clear. 
3. Can you remove the background/unwanted items/date on the photo?
In most cases, we will help you crop away the background/unwanted items/date on the photo. Sometimes, it is not possible to do so without cropping off part of your baby’s face or body parts. Our best advice is keep the background and setting simple.
Examples of request to remove the 'hand' or 'pillow'.
Examples of requests to remove the “hand” or “pillow
4. Should I edit the photo myself?
Please do not crop the photo yourself. It is best if we have the original file from you. You can send us both the original file and a cropped file so we know what you have in mind.
We understand that sometimes you may like to add some effects around the photo. However, if the photo size does not fit into our frame, we will need to crop some parts away.
We understand that some customers like photo collage (combining a few photos together into one image). However, as the actual card size is only around 90mm by 55mm, your baby’s face may become too small to view on a collage.
We hope the above helps you make better decisions to creating your beautiful personalised announcement card for your keepsake!

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