囍饼 (wedding biscuits or cakes) is an integral part of Chinese customary weddings. Sent together with your wedding invite to your relatives and friends, it is also part of the dowry for the 过大礼 Guo Da Li process.

Announce your blissful wedding in style with our 囍饼 (wedding biscuits or cakes); Make your big day more magical with a Wedding Cake of your dreams; Thank your parents or big-day helpers with a Personalised Gift or prepare bite-sized Tea Party Treats in between breaks to keep their tummies full and happy; DIY your dessert table for your wedding reception with Cupcakes & Pastries that are both delicious and visually stunning…

From wedding packages with beautifully designed gift boxes and personalised wedding cards, to inviting buttercream cake and cupcake designs, Sweetest Moments, a winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award, strives to make your special day utterly insta-worthy and memorable.

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