Redemption of Packages with Doorstep Delivery

Hello and welcome! 

Would you like to redeem your full month or wedding package?

Please choose the right package in order to redeem successfully. The best way is to type the url of the personalised link that's given to you so that as you check out, the amount will be auto-deducted to zero. 

All our packages are prepared only in the morning on the day of delivery. We advise consumption within the same day, especially for ang ku kuehs and/or tarts. 

Please input 1 for the quantity and add to cart. 

The billing address that you key in will be the delivery address that we will send this box to. 

At the payment page, you should see that the amount is auto-deducted to zero, so you should not be making any payment for this gift. Please click "pay now" even though no payment is required. You should see a confirmation page with an order number when this redemption is completed. 

If you are still unsure how to redeem, please watch this video: