WE18D Affection Classic with Doorstep Delivery (with Printed Card)

  • $19.90
  • Save $17

Package consists of:

  • Delivery to 1 location
  • 1 Lovely Paper Bag 
  • 1 Personalised Wedding Card* (Please choose one design here.)
  • 2 Peachy Tarts
  • 2 Swiss Rolls
  • 2 Double Xi Cube Cakes
  • 2 Mochi
  • 2 Brownies
  • 2 Standard Cupcakes (5.5cm diameter each) 

Box Size: 34.5cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 8cm (H)


(For example, if you have to send out 13 boxes to 13 locations, kindly put 13 as the quantity and check out.)


To help us in our processing,

1. If you wish to deliver on different dates, kindly submit the orders separately for different dates.

2. If you wish to add on other products for only one of the delivery locations, kindly submit a separate order for that delivery location. 


After we receive your order, we will email you an excel worksheet for you to fill in all the recipients' names, contact numbers and addresses. Alternatively, please click here to download the sheet for your input to be emailed back to us. 

Please note that ALL the fields are required. 

Please note that this set of information needs to be sent to us at least 2 days before your delivery date so that we can schedule the deliveries. If we are unable to receive them in time, or the fields are incomplete, we will have to postpone the deliveries to the next day. Any last minute change will not be possible.

Please ensure that the recipient is available at the given address and time zone. Please help us make sure that the delivery address and contact numbers provided are accurate. If the address given is wrong, a re-delivery charge will be imposed for the re-delivery. 


(After the submission of order, you will receive an email confirmation. Please reply to that email with an attachment of baby's photo if you have chosen to use your baby's photo.)  


All our wedding packages are prepared only in the morning on the day of delivery. We advise consumption within the same day, especially for tarts.



  • Delivery time will be between 10am to 5pm for these individual doorstep deliveries.
  • Food item changes are not allowed due to logistic issues.
  • Halal-certified.
  • Minimum order of 10 packages is required.
  • *Wedding Card can be personalised with photo and details, with minimum order of 10 packages. 
  • Pls note that all products and services are subject to GST. So if your billing address is not a Singapore address, the website system will not charge GST, hence we will be billing you the prevailing GST rate separately, after your order comes in. 

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