The Sweetest Children's Day Gift in 2021

This year’s Children’s Day falls on 1 October, Friday and we are inviting you to join us in celebrating this day in the most meaningful way.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s clouds” – Maya Angelou

While our children have fun and rejoice in this occasion with friends and families, there are some vulnerable children who do not get to do so.


This Children’s Day, Sweetest Moments will be donating 15% from the gross sales proceeds of its Children’s Day Collection to KKH Health Fund.

The KKH Health Fund (Part of SingHealth Fund) raises funds to help our women and children patients who often have exhausted all other options and require financial assistance for their medical needs.

These beneficiaries battle with various medical conditions of different severity that range over 30 medical categories. Some examples of these medical categories are cardiology, complex care, endocrinology, and dermatology. More specifically, funds disbursed to these beneficiaries will be used to cover medical expenses such as:

  • special diets for premature babies, diabetes and others
  • oxygen refills for patients suffering from chronic lung disease or muscular degenerative conditions
  • premature babies requiring Neonatal Intensive Care and the follow-up treatment and care
  • children with cancer, rare diseases and other chronic illnesses


Join us in gifting these children the Sweetest Children’s Day Gift.

This Campaign runs from 6 September 2021 to 15 October 2021.


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