Jingle Christmas Cookies (Single Tins)

  • $6.90

If you love cookies that literally melts in your mouth and not your hand, you will love our Jingle Christmas Cookies for sure! Our signature cookie tins are perfect gifts for families, friends and co-workers this Christmas season. 

Be fast because there are limited stock!

Besides our classic Melting Butter and Velvety Brownies, we are also bringing you the seasonal Sweet Potato Butter flavour.

It's the perfect delicious Christmas gift for everyone - friends, clients & colleagues.

Each Single tin consists of:

  • 1 Melting Butter or 1 Velvety Brownie or 1 Sweet Potato Butter Cookie tin with a Standard Christmas Cookie Label

Net Weight:

  • Approximately 150g (including container) for Velvety Brownie Cookies
  • Approximately 160g (including container) for Melting Butter & Sweet Potato Butter Cookies

Container Size: 82mm (Diameter) x 78mm (Height)

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