Teachers' Day Flavoured Popcorns

  • $4.60

"Our favourite kind of teachers are the ones who are young at heart and sings our tune."

Appreciate your cool teachers with these classic yet fun-loving popcorn flavours:  

1. Kaya Butter Toast Popcorns

Good ol' time-favourite, the taste of butter and kaya always goes well together. 

2. Chocolate Popcorns

Everything that's with chocolate is always so good. 

3. Salted Caramel Popcorns

The all-time favourite when you Netflix. 


Each Single tin consists of:

  • 1 flavoured popcorn tin with a Standard Teacher's Day Label where you can personalise the sign-off name*

*Personalisation of sign-off names on the labels are only for 5 single tins or more. You will receive a Standard Teacher's Day label for you to pen your own sign-off name if you are purchasing less than 5 tins.

Each Gift Set consists of:

  • 2 different flavoured popcorns (Gift A or Gift B) with Standard Teacher's Day Labels
  • 1 Personalised Teacher's Day Card (90mm x 55mm)*
  • 1 signature twin box

*Personalisation of cards are only for orders of 5 gift sets or more. You will receive a Standard Teacher's Day Card for you to pen your own heartfelt message if you are purchasing less than 5 gift sets.

If you or your child prefers to have your message handwritten, please leave the fields blank. Ballpoint pens are recommended so that the ink does not smudge. 


Container Size: 82mm (Diameter) x 78mm (Height)

Twin Box size: 165mm (L) x 95mm (B) x 145mm (H)

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