Bountiful Blessings CNY Cookies

  • $10.80

Celebrate the year of the Ox with your loved ones over these tasteful treats with home baked goodness that are bound to be crowd-pleasers. 

We are exclusively launching only 5 flavours this year, with very limited quantity per flavour:

No. Flavour Description Approx. Weight
1 Golden Prosperity Pineapple Balls  Love at first bite. Experience the melt-in-your-mouth sensation when you pop one of these pineapple balls. Made with reduced sugar for a guilt-free treat.  180g per tin 
2 Sweet Happiness White Almond Cookies Savour the nutty aftertaste of our home baked almond cookies. Crispy on the outside and crumbly with each bite. A perfect treat with a cup of coffee or tea.  160g per tin
3 Plentiful Luck Mala Cookies These distinctive and delectable hot & spicy cookies are a must-have for those who love their Mala. You will be pleasantly surprised at how heavenly our Mala cookies taste!  140g per tin
4 Abundant Blessings Shrimp Rolls Be cautious of this extremely addictive classic Chinese New Year treat, which will leave you and your guests wanting more. Count your blessings with each of these Shrimp Rolls. 170g per tin
5 Smooth Sailing Kueh Bangkit Cookies Airy and light coconut cream cookies that melt instantly in your mouth, and send you on a smooth sailing 2021! 110g per tin 

All Container Sizes: 82mm (Diameter) x 78mm (Height)

Have a Bountiful Lunar New Year 牛转乾坤迎丰收!

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