Flourishing Wealth Cookies Gift (Set of 4)

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Gift your sweetest wishes as we celebrate the coming of Spring and a hopeful year ahead. 

The Flourishing Wealth Gift Set comes with 4 cookie tins in our signature Sweetest Moments Gift Bag, attached with a CNY pendant that symbolises prosperity, good luck, love and honour. 

You can opt for a complimentary gift tag for your personalised greetings. 

Personalised message can be done for orders of 10 sets or more, with sender's sign-off name. There will be no customisation of recipients' names on the gift tags.


Enjoy a free delivery on us this month when you check out with the promo code SweetestJan2022 with min $25 purchase! Do select the delivery time slot of "10.15am - 5pm" for this promo code to be eligible.


Bundles are as follows: 

Option A: (All in Fun Size) White Almond + Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter + Shrimp Rolls

Option B: (All in Fun Size) White Almond + Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter + Melting Butter

Option C: (All in Fun Size) White Almond + Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter + Velvety Brownie

Option D: (All in Fun Size) White Almond + Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter + Pineapple Ball

Option X: (2 in Grand Size) Pineapple Balls + White Almond, (2 in Fun Size) Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter

Option Y: (2 in Grand Size) Pineapple Balls + Shrimp Rolls, (2 in Fun Size) Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter

Option Z: (2 in Grand Size) Shrimp Rolls + White Almond, (2 in Fun Size) Beetroot Butter + Matcha Butter



Fun Size Container Sizes: 82mm (Diameter) x 78mm (Height)

Grand Size Container Sizes: 98mm (Diameter) x 118mm (Height)


Take your pick from 7 exclusive flavours this year, with very limited quantity per flavour:

No. Flavour Description Approx. Weight
1 Rolling Fortune Pineapple Balls  Love at first bite. Experience the melt-in-your-mouth sensation when you pop one of these pineapple balls. Made with reduced sugar for a guilt-free treat. 

180g per tin (fun size)

450g per tin (grand size) 

2 Sweet Blessings White Almond Cookies Savour the nutty aftertaste of our home baked almond cookies. Crispy on the outside and crumbly with each bite. A perfect treat with a cup of coffee or tea. 

160g per tin (fun size)

410g per tin (grand size)

3 Resounding Success Beetroot Butter Cookies
Let these auspicious-looking beetroot butter cookies bring you resounding success for a rewarding new year! You'll probably not realise these are beetroot if we did not state that because it blends in perfectly with butter.
130g per tin (fun size)
4 Prosperous Beginnings Shrimp Rolls (Spicy) Be cautious of this extremely addictive classic Chinese New Year treat, which will leave you and your guests wanting for more. Your prosperity starts with each of these mini Shrimp Rolls.

160g per tin (fun size)

360g per tin (grand size)

5 Lucky Streak Matcha Butter Cookies
Which of these cookies will bring you your lucky streak? For those who are non-mainstream this year. Pop one of these into your mouth and you're guaranteed back for more! 
130g per tin (fun size)
6 Abundant Joy Melting Butter Cookies Our bestselling melting butter cookies promise to bring you abundance of joy through its sheer buttery and crumply texture. Always the hottest item, so cart this out as quick as possible! 130g per tin (fun size)
7 Sweet Happiness Velvety Brownie Cookies There is always room for our brownie cookies this Lunar New Year. Made with less sugar, you can pop these with less guilt and a whole load more happiness!  130g per tin (fun size)

Have a Bountiful Lunar New Year 虎虎生辉庆新春!

For bulk orders, please email us at corporate@sweetestmoments.com.sg. 



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