Bountiful Lunar New Year 虎虎生辉庆新春

Chinese New Year will be on 1st Feb 2022 (Tuesday). It will still be a cosy celebration, with limits of 5 pax. As for those loved ones that you may not be able to catch up with, send your well wishes with tantalizing classic CNY treats to celebrate the coming of Spring and a hopeful year ahead. 

To add your personal touch, gift tags with personalised message can be done for orders of 10 sets or more, with sender's sign-off name. 

Let us do the sending for you as you get to enjoy a free delivery on us this month when you check out with the promo code SweetestJan2022 with min $25 purchase! Do select the delivery time slot of "10.15am - 5pm" for this promo code to be eligible.

Please order earlier because we have limited quantities this year. 

For bulk orders, please email us at 

All our products are halal-certified.